August 21, 2015

A Colorado Shootout! | Denver, CO Photographer

I was so lucky to be able to visit my favorite place in the world in July, Colorado. I have been all over the world, seen so many beautiful places. Nothing has ever compared to Colorado. I will always want to come back here. I want to raise my kids here. Sigh, someday.

Anyhow me and some other amazing photographers decided to have a shootout at Mount Falcon during my visit! It turned out amazing despite is raining just prior. -Always wait out the rain if you can! It makes some pretty amazing skys!
Denver, CO Photographer

^^This is Alyssa!^^ She is so gorgeous. Totally didn’t mind the wind blowing through her hair, she knows how to work it! ­čśë

Denver, CO Photographer

^^This is Anna and her daughter,^^ they have the sweetest connection. I loved watching them just play and enjoy each other.

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0082

We also had ^^Lexie,^^ a beautiful ballerina! Being in this rustic mountain environment was probably the hardest for a ballerina, but she made it look so elegant!

Denver, CO Photographer

^^And this couple?^^ Oh gosh, I think I enjoyed them the most. Rebecca and Lonny, not only are they so good looking, but they had such amazing chemistry together. So much love between them. Here’s one more them, probably my favorite of the night… <3

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0081

Want to checkout the other photographers that were part of this!? Here they are:


Sarah from Story and Song Photography; Susan from SusanB. Photography; ME! Tiffany from Tiffany Chiappetta Photography!




Denver, CO Photographer