June 27, 2015

A Princess Baby Shower | Lake County, IL Event Photographer

A sweet princess is on the way! Not too much longer now! Only 2 months to go, time to celebrate! Can’t wait to meet sweet, sweet baby Kadence. I love that name, by the way…

Lake County, IL Event Photographer

This was one royal affair! Jewels, diamonds and glitter!

Lake County, IL Event Photographer

Heidi’s close friend Kendra planned this whole event. She planned every detail and it turned out beautiful. Everyone guessed the date Kadence’s due date and left a pink fingerprint as a balloon for Princess Kadence’s wall. She is due on September 2nd so she could be an August baby or a September baby! I’m partial to September, since that’s my birth month, but I’m guessing she won’t make it to September.
Lake County, IL Event Photographer

Heidi loves turtles and her family and friends helped stock baby Kadence’s closet with lots of turtle love.

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0024

Then there were lots of gifts to go through! So many adorable little things! This baby girl made out! 😉 The last gift was the most special, her mother brought her many things from her childhood. Books, dolls and her first ballet shoes.

I think it’s safe to say this little girl is so welcome. Heidi’s whole family is so excited to have a little girl to fawn over and so are all her friends. Plus, she’ll already have 2 other little girls born around the same time to play with for at least the next two years or until the Navy tears us all apart. :::boo:::

Lake County, IL Event Photographer

Lake County, IL Event Photographer