November 10, 2015

Chunky Zella | Fresh 48 | Lake Forest, IL Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Zella finally came about a week AFTER her due date! Poor momma! Kendra was so ready to be done! No one wants to go past their due date. She had to be evicted. 😉 This lil’ one is bigger than both her brothers were when they were born! Chunky Zella! I just love her rolls! And then she has these little feet and all that hair! She’s so perfect, I’m in love. Momma did a great job.

I was lucky to be able to swing by real quick the night before they were released to snap a few shots!<3 Her newborn session will be posted soon! They are adorable! I always love to shoot some chunky monkey’s! Those big ole cheeks!

Lake Forest, IL Newborn Photographer

I would wager this lil’ one will have blue eyes like her daddy! But I guess we will have to wait and see! Could go either way since Kendra has brown eyes. Her brothers, one has blue eyes and one brown. She looks a lot like the current middle child, so curious and excited to see the beauty she becomes! She’s got some pretty good genes! 😉

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Lake Forest, IL Newborn Photographer