September 9, 2015

Doll Baby | North Chicago, IL Baby Photographer

Oh Savi, she gets more beautiful every time I see her. I mean such a perfect baby doll. I just can’t get enough savi-snuggles. She’s even cute when she’s angry. 😉

North Chicago, IL Baby Photographer

I’m so glad she lives close by so I can watch her grow. I know those cheeks won’t be that chubby forever and those little piggies won’t be so tiny for long.

It amazes me how fast our babies grow into toddler monsters and then into kiddos terrors and teens punks. I know it’s so hard to cherish the moments in that first year when they won’t stop crying and there seems to be no solution. When it seems that all you do is clean bodily fluids off every surface in your house including yourself and your baby… but I promise you’ll miss those sweet baby coos and giggles and smiles. And you’ll you miss that sweet baby smell. This is why love photography, I try to be in moment, but freezing it and putting it on my wall or in my albums means I’ll never forget.

North Chicago, IL Baby Photographer

North Chicago, IL Baby Photographer