February 9, 2015

The head of the White house-hold | Vernon Hills, IL Couple Photographer

We dragged this adorable couple out into the frigid cold to have some lovely snow shots! We had so much fun walking around in the snow and playing over in the Mac Arthur Woods. Pretty sure they were frozen by the end of the shoot. I think it was so worth it though. Such lovely light and fresh snow. They have 3 boys so this was a great opportunity to get out alone and just be the two of them for a while.

I want to get the whole family together this spring or summer they are just the sweetest and cutest little guys! Their youngest is the same age as mine and we got to help him celebrate his 1st birthday! Let me just saw mom is awesome and creative! Such a cute little sock monkey party! <3 She is for sure a mom to idolize! She’s got her stuff together as a mom and as a business woman! She runs her own it works business and does very well. 😉

Vernon Hills, IL Couple Photographer
Vernon Hills, IL Couple Photographer

Kendra Knap was part of this shoot as well! She’s awesome! You can check her out here:


Vernon Hills, IL Couple Photographer