August 28, 2015

I’m Beautiful! | Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

I suppose I’ve been a bit sentimental and maybe a little selfish keeping my little girl’s hair long. It WAS just so beautiful. I mean look at my golden girl… Sigh…

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

This truth is, she has been asking for a hair cut for months, but I’ve just kind of been like, “You don’t really want a hair cut sweetie, your hair is so beautiful.”

Well, last night we had a horrible night with our son, I’m not sure what the problem was, but he was pretty much up all night and I ended up sleeping on the floor in his room just to make sure he didn’t get up again. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time he finally fell into a deep sleep, but then my daughter woke up for the day. So, I gave her milk and yogurt put a show on her for her in our playroom, and lay on the couch with a warm blanket…

Then this…

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

Suddenly, I’m very awake. Hands-on my mouth, wide-eyed. I just gasp.

I calmly ask, “Why, baby? Why did you do this?”

Her response? She touches the top of her head, looks at me, and smiles, “Mommy! I’m beautiful! Can we paint my nails now!?”

Me, “Yes, you are beautiful sweetie, no we gotta go…”

Since the damage had already been done, I decided not to get upset, not punish her, but go into support-mode. I explained to her that she is so beautiful, for sure, but that you do not cut your own hair, you go to a professional. I tried not to focus on how crushed I was that she cut her hair so short; she clearly loved it and felt AMAZING. I was the one that had a problem with it, missed it.

Of course, I had my camera close by and wanted to document this memory for her(please ignore our disaster of a playroom).

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

Then to the hairstylist, we went to salvage what was left. Never for a second did I see regret on her face. She wanted short hair, she wanted her hair out of her face. So she used her safety scissors(which I thought I hid well) and got the job done. Oh, my strong-willed child. Sigh…

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer
Kid Snips in Vernon Hills, IL Stylist: Ms. Britney

She loved getting her hair cut! She’s 4 and this was her first hair cut! I just couldn’t bring myself to ever cut it. I suppose something like this had to happen for her hair to get cut.

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

She’s very, very happy with the result. This little stinker teaches me something new every day about life and about being a mom. All I want is for her to feel beautiful, for her to love herself, and she does, so short hair it is. I will support her and I will do whatever I can to always make her feel beautiful, especially if in a few days she is full of regret. I can’t help but admire her confidence.

Now she has decided she wants her ears pierced too. She’s so not the typical girl. She’s tough and feminine. She’s into princess’  and superheroes. She likes to dress up and looking fancy, but she also loves to play in the mud and getting filthy.

She’s so beautiful.

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer

Camarillo, CA Lifestyle Photographer