June 8, 2015

Investing in Myself | Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

Over that last couple years I feel I’ve come a long way with my knowledge and technique. I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to learn on my own, but I’ve always wanted to learn from the rockstar photographers that I have followed and admired since I began! When we moved to IL I knew and I had to meet some of these photographers. I’ve met and befriended quite a few! There are so many amazing ones here, all so uniquely talented! But I am just now able to take a workshop!! So, so excited to learn even more about something I’m so passionate about.

I absolutely love shooting families and I plan to take a workshop for families, specifically, soon. This one is for newborns!

I’ve been following Lemonade Stand Photography since I moved here and she amazes me with every post! Picsy Photography I discovered a little later but she is equally awesome! Together they make the super photographer team that is The Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop! 😉

I want to post my official ‘before’ photos! So here are some of my favorites before my training!

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

Not too bad!? Could they be better? -Absolutely.

Always room to learn and improve in photography! I want to give my clients the absolute best and this will be another step in providing that! Stay tuned!

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer