September 23, 2018

Vlog-spiration | King County, WA Photographer

King County, WA Photographer

Whatcom County, WA Newborn Photographer

I’m so thankful for all the photographers that are so willing to share information and tricks! I wanted to share the Kelly Brown channel¬†with you all if you haven’t found her already. Photographers that are forever learning like me or the aspiring photographers will be all over this! I’m always looking for new, fun videos to watch that can inspire me or teach me something new about newborn photography, so I was excited to find this channel! Go ahead, learn a thing or two from her!

The best way to learn is to do, but lets not forget that learning someone that has lived and experience what you strive to master is vital! Kelly is a pro for sure. Her images are amazing and exactly what I strive for every session and her videos are full of awesome tips!

King County, WA Photographer