March 6, 2015

A New Addition | Lake County IL Maternity Photographer

Lake County IL Maternity Photographer. I had the honor of being part of my sweet friend Kendra’s baby announcement! Well, I guess you could say I insisted I was involved! Either way, she had such a cute idea and I was so ‘EGG’-cited to be able to do it for her. This is her third precious gift; this little angel will have 2 older brothers watching out for him or her. Congratulations Knapp Family! Your lives should be very, very lively come this fall!

I feel so blessed to have met you all and I look forward to meeting your new little one and helping in any way I can as your friend and as your neighbor. We will be right next door to help with entertainment and cuddles for littles. Lord knows I’ll need a baby fix because I’m not joining the baby bump club anytime soon!

I seriously cannot wait to find out whether it’ll be a girl or boy! I won’t get my hopes up either way, but I do have some adorable props for fall baby girl… <3

Lake County ILMaternity Photographer

Lake County IL Maternity Photographer