July 30, 2016

Lake Forest, IL Lifestyle Photographer | Zella

Lake Forest, IL Lifestyle Photographer

I’m a huge fan of lifestyle sessions. They capture the things, the simple moments that are the most precious and taken for granted. These are some of my favorite shots from Zella’s last day breastfeeding and some reflections from her momma, Kendra, in her own words. <3

“This morning I nursed Zella for the last time.
We have been in the process of weaning for a couple of weeks now. This morning I felt like it could end any day now. I couldn’t remember the last time she actually nursed. I’ve been doing scheduled pumping for a while now as she has preferred a bottle over breast for a bit now.
I wanted to remember this moment- I wanted us to have one last chunk of time together like this before it ends.
Tina was so awesome to come over on super short notice and capture Z’s last nursing session. I will always, always cherish these photos.”

Lake Forest, IL Lifestyle Photographer

“It’s been a LONG and HARD 9mos since she was born and breastfeeding has literally been one day at a time, but here we are. I think we are both mutually ready to be done. I’m so blessed to have made it this long and even more so that Z will continue to have breastmilk for another month (give or take) with what we have stored.

So thankful for this moment right here.”

-Super mom & fellow tog(Kendra Knapp)