September 4, 2015

Princess Kadence | Chicago, IL Newborn Photographer

Remember Kadence!? I got to see her briefly right after she was born, well here she is a little over a week old and haven’t hit her actual due date! So perfect. Every baby I get to meet has something that just draws your attention, something beautiful and special, Kadence has some amazing kissers! 😉 We all knew she had her momma’s lips just from her ultra sounds, that’s how prominent they are and were through out Heidi’s pregnancy!

Chicago, IL Newborn PhotographerLake County, IL Family Photographer_0098 copy

Some close-up of precious fingers, piggies and Kadence kissers.

Chicago, IL Newborn Photographer

Kadence looks so much like her brother it’s crazy! It’s a good thing of course, but she will forever be the princess of the family. We were on the hunt for a special crown and this is what we stumbled upon, a little porcelain rose crown. I can’t wait for more snuggles from this sweet princess.

Chicago, IL Newborn Photographer

To check out Kadence’s ‘Fresh 48’ session click here!

Chicago, IL Newborn Photographer