February 4, 2016

Santa Paula, CA Photographer | House of Flynn

Santa Paula, CA Photographer

I feel like I’ve been searching for the right bag for all my gear for a long time. I need something kinda big, but organized and durable! I was so excited when I found The¬†House of Flynn Evermore bag. It took me a while to put aside¬†enough to buy one(you get what you pay for) and when I finally decided to bite the bullet, they had some custom bags for sale and I snagged one!

Santa Paula, CA Photographer

This is the warm brown leather Evermore with buttercream floral interior. Good lawd I love this bag! I mean there is a spot for everything I want to bring and it fits my 70-200, or Bertha as I call her. The leather is so beautiful and smells amazing. This bag is the highest quality. I’m so happy I wait to get the best. I’ll be toting this baby everywhere I go now! <3

I also love that this company is a small business and the owner is an amazing photographer herself and seems like the sweetest person! I love supporting other small businesses and good people! Anyhow, if you’re looking for a camera bag/an awesome diaper bag/or just big beautiful bag, check these bags out they are pretty legit!

The House of Flynn

Santa Paula, CA Photographer

Santa Paula, CA Photographer