June 18, 2015

Styled Child Sessions | Lincolnshire, IL Child Photographer

Last Sunday I got to join a local, all day, shootout! It was so amazing! The Inspire Shootout was put on by Prop Insanity and Rock the Shot. They did a great job planning and organizing a fun-filled, educational and artistic day! I’m so glad I got to join some 40 other photographers for a day of fun and shooting. Sometimes it’s nice to talk nerdy about photography to other people that feel the same way and totally understand what you’re saying!

Lincolnshire, IL Child Photographer

This industry is saturated and competitive, we all know this. Seems like everyone considers themselves a photographer. I choose to use this common passion as fuel and a new way to relate to people and make new friends! To truth is that even though there were over 40 photographers shooting these subjects all our images are unique. We are all artists with our own vision. We all have different settings, choose different angels and edit in our own way. There is no reason we can’t all support each other and share in our passion.
Lincolnshire, IL Child Photographer

There were many different setups with different models and children. I have so many images I just love. I feel renewed after this day. These are just a few of the photos from the child sessions. I will show the others in another post. There are just too many for one post! <3

Lincolnshire, IL Child Photographer

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and if you have a local group or you get a chance to fly out to a shootout, do it. I promise, if you’re a photographer, you will love it.


This was the last couple set-up of the day! So beautiful!


Lincolnshire, IL Child Photographer