June 22, 2015

Styled Sessions | Lincolnshire, IL Maternity Photographer

I have been so busy lately shooting just for myself. I went to two shootouts over the last two weeks and took a newborn workshop(I’ll talk about that awesomeness in another post)!

The first one, The Inspire Shootout, was put on by Prop Insanity and Rock the Shot. The first two maternity models were from that shootout! The children we shot are in a separate post you can check out here! They were so fun.

Lincolnshire, IL Maternity Photographer

This couple was so sweet. <3 Oh, and I loved her freckles!!

Lincolnshire, IL Maternity Photographer

Such a beautiful mommas in such a beautiful location. I was so happy that the rain held off! We were worried all day that it was gonna pour, but instead we got some pretty sweet looking clouds that looked perfect and helped keep the light from being to harsh, since we were shooting during the day for this one.

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0000

The second one was put on by The Happy Tog this last Friday! There is a decent group of us from The Happy Tog group that live here in IL! It was so nice to meet up and do what we love at the most beautiful time of day, Golden-hour!

This a behind the scene shot:

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0003

I have to say, it feels so nice to just shoot and edit the way I want to with no expectations. I can just let my creativity run wild! I feel renewed and excited now to be just a little more creative and artistic with my client sessions.

Lake County, IL Family Photographer

Last Friday I shot until the sun disappeared. The day was so perfect and the night was as well. I went home feeling exhausted, free and inspired. Thanks so much to all the people that helped put these shootouts together, what a blast.

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0004

Lincolnshire, IL Maternity Photographer