August 24, 2015

Sweet Kadence | Fresh 48 | Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

Kadence was very sweet to allow her mother to end her pregnancy a little early, but not too early. Right after Heidi’s mother in law/reinforcements arrived she went into labor! She didn’t come as fast as expected, but she was born pink, beautiful and healthy. She was not as interested in photos as I was, so I didn’t bug her too much. Just snapped some of her sweet, tiny features to remember just how small she was.

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

Of course I has to get those lil’ toes. So perfect. She is so in love her momma. So comfy in her arms. Brother is still getting used to being gentle, but I’m sure they will hit off sooner than later! <3

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited to spend some time with this sweet princess and I found her the perfect prop for her newborn shoot, a dainty, crown! I can’t wait to put it on her little head. She is sure to be a gorgeous princess. I mean, she looks just like her brother and that is one beautiful kid. He has some amazing blue eyes, so I’m wondering what Kadence will have! We are hoping she has her momma’s eyes, hazel. Time will tell! 😉

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer