June 25, 2015

Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop | Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

I had the chance to go to the Simply Fresh Workshop in Milwaukee with Lemonade Stand Photography & Picsy Photography!

It was kind of a last minute splurge for me. I was so excited they still had one spot left for me. I have been shooting a lot of newborns lately and I’ve been so loving it, but I felt that there has to be an easier way to learn. There has to be a better, more efficient way to get the shots that I want.

I knew that two of my favorite local newborn photographers started a workshop so I decided to see if I could get in on the action! Once everything was good to go I impatiently awaited the day!

I got to have the whole day to myself thanks to my hubby who got the day off so I could go {Happy Wife}. Once I got there we started right away. There were 6 attendees and we were all excited and eager learn from two amazing teachers! We learned setting up and preparing for each pose! This is exactly what I needed.

I had a general idea of how to do the basics, but now I feel like, ‘I got this.’ Like, I found the missing pieces to the ‘posing newborns’ puzzle! 😉

I felt it was so useful to have someone right there explaining as I was shooting. Correcting what I was doing in the moment really makes it stick I think.


I’ve knew that angle is important already, but I got a better understanding of how to get it and why.

I also got to see that some poses that I didn’t expect, were composites. Makes sense, just I didn’t realize. If they can’t keep their legs in or their head at a specific angle, why not do a quick composite?

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

Oh that little pouty lip. <3

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0012

It was so useful ton see exactly how to organize your space for success!

Lake County, IL Family Photographer_0006

One of my favorite poses is the ‘butt-up’ pose! I feel like I can do this so much easier. Can’t wait until my next newborn! GIVE ME YOUR BABIES! Hehe :-*

Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer

This family was so adorable. Their love for each other filled the space with such a sweet energy. I wish I could’ve gotten a shot of them together, but we didn’t want momma standing there FOREVER holding baby girl up close to her face. It gets tiring! I know, I’ve done that pose with my little miss.

This one, in Daddy’s hands is probably my favorite. Just so adorable…

I had so much fun and went home with tons of new knowledge about prep, posing and post processing. Plus a bunch of new friends to get nerdy with! If you’re looking for a newborn workshop consider the Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop, so worth it. Invest in yourself, get taught by the best.

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Lake Bluff, IL Newborn Photographer