Thousand Oaks, CA Wedding Photographer

Thousand Oaks Wedding Photographer

Choosing wedding photographer is a very personal and important decision. These are the photos that will be on your wall for the rest of your life. The photos that your children will look at wondering what you were like when you were so young and free. These are the photos that show who you were before everything changed and became new.

As a photographer I take this job very seriously and want these photos to be all you imagine. Which is why making sure you and your photographer are a perfect fit is so important!

Weddings are such a passion for me, but it’s important for me to be very selective about the ones I take. They need to be within my ‘style.’ What is my style, you may ask? Well, it’s documentary, fun-loving, easy-going, and down to earth! More than likely, if you have a church/cathedral wedding that is very structured and poorly lit, I’m not your gal. Flexibility using flashes/strobes or whatever tools needed to get the best possible photos is imperative and some churches do not allow much. A quality product simply cannot be produced without proper light and that is what I strive for, a quality product.

Some of my favorite weddings have been more adventurous! Out in the mountains, down by the beach or on a farm! I’m willing to go for a hike or drive because some of the most beautiful places are tucked away.

If you think we are a photography match made in heaven, let’s meet up for coffee or tea or even just a pastry and talk about your dreams for your wedding! Tell me everything. I want to stay in the loop as you plan and get the full vision. If you want to know how to get the best photos for specifics moments, we will come up with the best possible game plan!

Weddings start at $5000 for 8 hours, but I do offer shorter packages. Please contact me for more pricing info and to set up a time to meet!

Thousand Oaks, CA Wedding Photographer

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