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I booked, now What?

Thousand Oaks Family Photographer

Dress from head to toe

Now do we wear? What outfits will work best for me and my family? What will look best in photos? I am more than happy to help in the process of putting your wardrobe together! The details matter.

Feel free to Call me, email me, text me images while you’re shopping. I want you to love your photos and I don’t want you to get stressed out shopping for them!

Thousand Oaks Family Photographer


Don’t be afraid of color!

The colors you chose are going to be what really make your photos pop! I would try make the colors all be warm (reds, yellows, oranges, browns) or all be cool (purples, blues, greens, blacks, grays), otherwise you may end up being too contrasting. Maybe think about the colors you love in your home, think about where you want these photos to be, then choose the colors you want to wear.

Coordinate but don’t be matchy-matchy

Being too matchy can make a photo pretty boring. Dress thoughtfully. Building the family wardrobe around mom is always a great place to start. If mom feels amazing everything else will fall into place!

Be sure to accessorize!

The little details always help pull your outfits together! Even if it’s just something simple.

Plan outfits that have layers

Not only do layers photograph better than individual items, but you’ll have a quick second option, just remove a layer. Cardigans and scarves are great layers for women. For men, a vest or coordinated colored undershirts are excellent.

Stay away from shirts with brand names or large writing

Don’t dress the kids in anything that has cartoons or any kind of character. Try simple, interesting, classic looking clothes. You want to look at these photos years from now and still love them.

For shoes, neutral is best

Try to pair ones that are pretty neutral, but attractive. I would stear clear of cheap flip flops and your average sneaker or light-up shoes for kids. Think toms, boots or beaded sandals.

Hope these tips help you come up with your perfect photo wardrobe! And again, you can always contact me directly for advice.

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