July 12, 2016

Lake Bluff, IL Child Photographer | Jameson

Lake Bluff, IL Child Photographer

This lil’ man came out to play with me at the last second, right before the sky went golden. <3 This little area is right behind his house. I was so surprised to find such a perfect little spot with such beautiful light. I was happy he happened to be in a good mood even though it was basically bedtime! He’s just the cutest. I mean, look at that hair!

Lake Bluff, IL Child Photographer

These are seriously some of my favorite shots. I will say, I’m falling in love with my 70-200. I mean, wow. So worth the investment and carrying the extra weight! I’m able to just let the kids play since I got the 200mm ability! I don’t have to be right there to get an amazing shot.

Lake Bluff, IL Child Photographer

When I was talking to Amanda, Mom, about what he should where, she was like, “I don’t think I have anything that would be good.” If it’s warm, all little boys need are some jeans or shorts! 😉

I loved editing this session too. I was surprised, I didn’t need to do much at all to make that light POP, it was already amazing. I think I’m gonna have to shoot here more often!

Lake Bluff, IL Child PhotographerLake Bluff, IL Child Photographer

Mom didn’t want to be in the photos, but I did got one I think she’ll love. <3