Newbury Park Cake Smash Session | Birthday Babe

January 5, 2022

Newbury Park Cake Smash Session

Happy Birthday to this little princess! She wasn’t too into the cake, but she did enjoy all the decore momma brought. It always cracks me up when babies hate their cake. It’s understandable though, food with little to no flavor for a whole year and then BAM! SUGAR and sticky, gooey texture. Some little ones love it, some just had getting dirty. Look up and are like, please, please get this off me.

This baby girl didn’t even want to look at the cake. Momma help and encouraged, but alas she was simply not interested. We still got some sweet pics of her in her birthday tutu and shirt though. Gotta love those pinks and greens.

Newbury Park Cake Smash Session

Whether or not your little one will like the cake, the photos will be perfect memories that will last a lifetime. Crying, laughing, they are just so cute and you’ll cherish the memory.

Newbury Park Cake Smash Session